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Malaysia Info - Places of Interest Selangor

has been called the gateway to Malaysia, given its strategic location to all major travel routes. The major airports, which are the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Sepang and Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, Subang are located in Selangor. It is also blessed with the biggest port in Malaysia, Port Klang. There is an extensive network of highways and expressways in the state, making travelling all over Selangor a wonderful experience.
Selangor is the most developed state in Malaysia and is still rapidly progressing, especially with the Federal Governments mega projects namely the Multi-media Super Corridor, the new administrative centre Putra Jaya and the KLIA. Best of all, Selangor is also the most fascinating and scenic tourist destination in Malaysia, providing visitors with a delightful, never-ending discovery.

The state capital of Selangor is just 25 kilometres south-west of Kuala Lumpur, along the Federal Highway. A well-planned and modern city, Shah Alam is the state administrative centre and encompasses suburbs, industrial areas and an urban centre in a spacious and pleasant arrangement.
State Mosque
The Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque is one of the most beautiful buildings in the country. Frequently referred to as the "Blue Mosque" its minarets are the tallest in the world at 142.3 meters. Its graceful blue dome is one of the largest of its kind. Decorative Islamic calligraphy enhances the dome and main prayer hall, while the overall architecture integrates ethnic Malay design elements.
Shah Alam Lake Gardens
Site of many annual events, the Shah Alam Lake that graces the city centre is surrounded by landscaped gardens. A culture centre called Laman Budaya, the Wet World Water Park and the Shah Alam Gallery are within this area. Picnic and children's playground areas dot the well-kept parkland.
Wet World Water Park
This theme park is Shah Alam's latest attraction and is an ideal place for a family outing. Offering a wide variety of exhilarating water games, it has gained popularity among toddlers and youngsters.
Shah Alam Gallery
Situated at the Shah Alam Lake Gardens, the Shah Alam Gallery exhibits a wide collection of art, local handicraft and fabrics for viewing and for sale.
Sultan Alam Shah Museum
This blue-roofed State Museum in traditional Selangor architecture houses some of the finest displays in the country, providing visitors with an eye-opening look at the history, culture and heritage of Selangor.
State Monument
Located adjacent to the State Secretariat Building is the serene and lovely State Monument with a sweeping arch, reflecting pools and gold inscriptions on grey granite. It is a favourite location for shutterbugs and tourist because of its picturesque setting.
Gombak Shah Alam Sport Complex
Awarded the 1996 Best Sport Facility in Asia Award, the Shah Alam Sport Complex features one of the largest and most dynamic sports and entertainment complex in South East Asia. State-of-the-art facilities and a professional management team ensure that all events held here will be successful. SASC comprises the 70,000 seats Shah Alam stadium, an adjacent warm-up track and training field, a 12,000 capacity air-conditioned indoor stadium, and an Olympic standard swimming and diving centre.
Malaysia Agriculture Park
The Malaysia Agriculture Park at Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam (Shah Alam) is a vast complex of landscaped floral gardens, agriculture plots, orchards, lakes and dense jungle. Various facilities for accommodation and camping are available, and scenic trails form an irresistible attraction throughout the area.

Sunway Lagoon
The Sunway Lagoon is a former tin mine that has been transformed into a major theme park not only in Selangor, but also Malaysia. It attracts crowds of visitors because of its comprehensive range of watersports, restaurants and recreational facilities. Adjacent to it is a huge shopping and leisure complex called the Sunway Piramid, which adds to the limitless range of activities available and the luxurious Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel.
Kota Darul Ehsan
Erected to mark the sacrifice by the Sultan of Selangor in ceding Kuala Lumpur to the Federal Government, this magnificent arch incorporates exquisite Moorish architecture with traditional Malay elements. Flanked by ancient Selangor cannons, Kota Darul Ehsan straddles the Federal Highways as it crosses the state border with Kuala Lumpur.
The Mines Wonderland
The Mines Wonderland is an exciting theme park with watersports, amusement rides, a snow-house as well as restaurant and various other facilities. At night, glittering floats parade on the lake while a stunning laser and aqua laser presentation entertains and mesmerises visitors. The Mines Wonderland, a popular attraction for the visitors of all ages, is a component of the Mines Resort City that includes a shopping complex, an exhibition centre, business centre and two magnificent hotels.
Safari Lagoon Water Theme Park
Fancy going shopping while your children busy themselves at a theme park all under the same roof? Well, it is possible at the Pandan Safari Lagoon Shopping Complex in Pandan Perdana. Safari Lagoon Water Theme Park, the first rooftop water theme park in the Klang Valley, covers an area 0.9 hectares on the seventh floor of the shopping complex. It is able to hold 3,000 people at any one time and is the place to have splashing fun at one's own leisure. To complement the park, animal sculptures and lush greenery give the park its “safari look”.

National Zoo
The National Zoo in Hulu Klang has a fascinating animal collection from all over the world, as well as an impressive aquarium and aviary. It is considered one of the most interesting zoos in South East Asia, with large grounds for picnic, enormous lake for `swan boating' and train rides around the zoo.
Templer's Park
Located just north of Kuala Lumpur, Templer's Park is a lush forest park with cascading waterfalls and rivers meandering through it. This park is also ideal for picnics and visitors could take the opportunity to dip in the cool, refreshing water.
Commonwealth Forest Park
Tourists that are on their way to the north, passing Rawang from Kuala Lumpur, should stop for a while at Commonwealth Forest Park. It is situated on the left side of the main road just after the Templer's Park and easy to locate. This park was launched in 1993 to commemorate The 14th Commonwealth Forest Meeting. This interesting park is shrouded by a forest, landscaped park, camping sites, chalet, water fountain, trekking paths and other facilities for the tourists to feel the natural beauty.
Kanching Recreational Forest
The Kanching Recreational Forest, located adjacent to the Templer's Park offers a cool and soothing environment for tourists. The more popular spots among picnickers are the second and third levels, where the waterfalls end up in spacious pools and bouldered streams.
Orang Asli Museum
Situated at Km 24, Jalan Gombak, visitors can have an insightful glimpse into the lifestyle and culture of Selangor's "Original People" or orang asli that is fast disappearing with development and modernisation. It has a vast collection of tribal heritage such as blowpipes, spears, porcelain and ancestral figurines.
Batu Caves
Located 15 km north of Kuala Lumpur, Batu Caves is the most popular tourist destination in Selangor. It consists of three big caves and the main temple cave, which features ornate Hindu shrines and has a ceiling looming over 100 metres overhead. To reach it one has to climb a steep flight of 272 steps, a feat performed by as many as 100,000 devotees during the annual Thaipusam festival.

Carey Island
Located just off the mainland, Carey Island is well-known for the orang asli community known as the Mah Meri. They have assimilated into life with jobs in the nearby plantations and farms. However, they have retained the unique culture and way of life. Apart from exhibitions of the traditional dances and music, Mah Meri are particularly known for their votive sculptures, fashioned from a kind of a swamp hardwood called "nyirih batu".
Morib Beach
Morib Beach is better known as a weekend seaside retreat, with wind whispering through the tall shady casuarina trees and lapping sea waves. It is an ideal place for visitors in search of peace and tranquillity. On weekends, food stalls sprout to cater for the visitors.
Historic Jugra
Once the seats of ancient kings, the placid town of Jugra has several fascinating historic buildings. The intriguing Istana Bandar (or Bandar Palace), built in 1905, features exquisite woodcarvings by the late Sultan Alauddin, reminiscent of the previous century. The Sultan Alauddin Mosque, 'next to Istana Bandar, was erected in 1932, but its classical Moorish architecture has given it timeless, mystical look. The Royal Mausoleum, the Jugra Lighthouse and the ruins of the legend shrouded Istana Jugra are also well worth a visit.

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