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Malaysia Info - Places of Interest Negeri Sembilan

Cultural Handicraft Complex
The Complex, which has been modeled like a traditional Minangkabau dwelling, is located on a four-hectare site along Jalan Labu. Various examples of the state's handicraft and historical artifacts are on display in this Complex which preserves Negeri Sembilan's rich cultural traditions.

State Mosque
The state mosque is adorned with nine pillars to symbolize the seven districts. Described as one of the most attractive modern mosques in the country, it offers a scenic view of the Seremban Lake amid the tranquility of its surroundings.

State Library
Situated in the vicinity of the Seremban Lake Gardens is the state library which used to be the State Secretariat Building. Built in 1912 by B.P. Habback of Britain with the assistance of the state Public Works Department, this stately building reflects the colonial architecture of a bygone era.

Sri Menanti Palace / Royal Museum
Negeri Sembilan's rich traditions go back a long way. One of these has been manifested in the construction of the Sri Menanti Palace in Sri Menanti. Built at the turn of this century to replace an older palace which was burnt down, this uniquely constructed palace has now become a tourist attraction after it was turned into a Royal Museum in 1992.
The Sri Menanti Palace was the official residence of the royal family until 1931 when it was found to be inadequate for the growing functions of the state. Designed by two local craftsmen and carpenters, "Tukang Kahar" and "Tukang Taib", the wooden palace or "Istana Lama" (old palace), which was completed in about six years in 1908, was built without the aid of any nails or screws. The palace, which features 99 magnificent pillars to denote 99 warriors of various "luak" or clans, is often, the subject of study and research among students of architecture.
Nilai, in the northern part of the state, has become an important industrial area due to its proximity to the new Kuala Lumpur International Airport in nearby Sepang district in Selangor. Once a sleepy hollow, it now offers an interesting contrast of modern development set against a backdrop of traditional village houses and rows of old shophouses

State Museum
The state museum is a "must" item for local history lovers. Located within the grounds of the Cultural Handicraft Complex, it is actually an old wooden palace which has been reassembled for public viewing. Built entirely of wood, this palace which has seen greater days of royal splendor at its old site at Kampung Ampang Tinggi, houses various old and historical artifacts which will interest those with a keen eye for local history, like weapons as well as brass and silverware. Also on display is a tableau portraying a grand royal wedding.
Situated next to the state museum is the "Rumah Minang", depicting an actual Minangkabau house. Also found at the Complex grounds are the megaliths from Fort Kempas.

Seremban Lake Gardens
The Seremban Lake Gardens is one of the most picturesque gardens in the country. Its lush greenery and well-maintained lawns are a delight to the tired eye and often have a calming effect on many a weary soul. There are jogging tracks in The Lake Gardens for the more energetic visitor while children can frolic in the playground. For those who are content to watch the world go by, this is just the place with benches erected in various spots overlooking the lake and greenery. Situated next to the state museum is the "Rumah Minang", depicting an actual Minangkabau house. Also found at the Complex grounds are the megaliths from Fort Kempas.

Ulu Bendul Receational Park
The Ulu Bendul Recreational Park located some 16km from Seremban on the Kuala Pilah Sri Menanti route, at the foot of Bukit Angsi provides a welcome respite to the weary traveller. The park is one of the six recreational parks in Negeri Sembilan developed for ecotourism purposes. Picnic lovers should find this place inviting because of its shady and leafy surroundings.
The refreshing and cool water from the stream that meanders through the park offers a fun place for visitors bent on having a dip. For the more adventurous, they can go jungle trekking. To savor the best out of this park, visitors may prefer to stay at the specially designated camping grounds or rent one of the chalets in the park.

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